A three-tiered system supports and reinforces our commitment to safety and compliance with company and customer standards

KBA culture puts safety first. All employees are empowered to use Stop Work Authority. Our organization’s commitment to safety has resulted in a culture that is continually evolving to maintain the highest industry standards.

Our three-tiered system outlined below reinforces our commitment to employee safety. We incorporate data from our safety enhancement programs to identify at-risk behaviors and then seek solutions that remove the risks from our business.

Leadership-driven commitment

KBA senior leadership is deeply committed to implementing and promoting a dynamic safety culture. Regular field audits use a consistent process focused on identifying potential risks. The leadership team uses this information to enhance our processes and mitigate risk.

Peer-to-peer oversight program

Peer-to-peer observations focus on identifying both at-risk and safe behaviors. Our workforce is encouraged to make maximum use of coaching opportunities and positive reinforcement in real time, thus preventing injuries and reducing downtime.

Compliance oversight

The third component of our system is a motivated safety team that conducts field observations focused on identifying and closing gaps to maintain compliance with organization and customer standards. Data collected provides areas of focus for future observation.

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