Pump Jack Units

Industry-leading pumping equipment

We provide Schlumberger pumping equipment, which incorporates extensive and recent field experience into proven designs. Sucker rod pumping units are available in sizes from API 25 to 1280. The range comprises

  • Champion conventional crank-balanced pumping unit
  • Champion BB beam-balanced pumping unit
  • TorqMax advanced geometry pumping unit
  • FlexLift low-profile pumping unit.

Each pumping unit is fully assembled and tested prior to shipping. Testing documentation and operator’s manuals are included with every unit.

Champion & Champion BB Pumping Units

TorqMax Advanced Geometry Pumping Unit

FlexLift Low-Profile Pumping Unit

Rod lift application formulas enable you to easily compute values such as strokes per minute and prime mover sheave diameter. Download formulas.  (0.4 MB PDF)

Comprehensive Training Programs

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