TorqMax Advanced Geometry Pumping Unit

Reduce lifting costs through lower torque and horsepower requirements

The TorqMax pumping unit is an advanced geometry alternative to a conventional pumping unit. For certain rod pump applications, it can help reduce torque and lower prime mover horsepower requirements, thus reducing lifting costs.

The primary differences between the TorqMax and conventional geometry units are as follows:

  • The structure of the TorqMax unit is shifted forward from the gear reducer toward the wellhead, whereas on the conventional geometry unit the center of the equalizer bearing shaft sits directly over the center of the slow-speed shaft of the gear reducer.
  • The crankpin holes are placed at an offset angle on the crank arm of the TorqMax unit but run parallel to the crank arm on a conventional geometry unit.
  • To maximize the effect of the advanced geometry, the TorqMax unit must always rotate clockwise, while a conventional unit can run in either direction of rotation.

The TorqMax unit is currently stocked in sizes 456 to 912. Contact your KBA Engineering representative for more information about this advanced geometry unit to see if it can benefit your application.

TorqMax Advanced Geometry Pumping Unit product sheet (0.3 MB PDF)

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