Sucker Rod Pump Services

Full service for rod lift systems

Our primary performance focus is to keep your wells in production. In addition to servicing and installing new and refurbished pumping units, we specialize in keeping older units operational.

With the largest pumping unit service fleet in California, we take pride in our ability to service and repair more makes and models of pumping units than anyone else in the market. An extensive inventory of vintage pumping units and pumping unit components enables us to repair equipment that is no longer manufactured.

We provide

  • unit installations and relocations
  • repairs and service, comprising
    • alignments
    • amperage balancing
    • stroke changes
    • speed changes
    • lubricating, weight balancing, oil changes
    • bearing repair service
    • gearbox repair service
    • structural repair
    • gear manufacturing and repair.

Comprehensive Training Programs

We use formal training programs for new and experienced employees, ongoing craft competency verification, and KPI monitoring to ensure superior service at lower risk and cost. Visit Training & Service Quality page