Training & Service Quality

Improve the safety, productivity, and quality of your pumping unit services

Proper education and training establish and maintain consistent procedures, provide superior performance, and lower risks and costs.

Short-service employee training

All new employees are enrolled in a six-month training program. After training, short-service employees must pass written assessments appropriate to their responsibilities.

Continuous education and craft competency verification

All employees engage in ongoing training and assessment to further develop their skills. Training specialists focus special attention on high-profile positions, such as commercial drivers, crane operators, and bucket truck operators. Full evaluations ensure all necessary skills have been acquired. Employees are required to pass ongoing written and practical assessments.

Productivity and quality management

The following metrics are monitored to ensure service quality and efficiency:

  • pumping unit installation time
  • gearbox repair turnaround time
  • bearing repair turnaround time
  • quote accuracy
  • continuous improvement methodologies.

Technology-enhanced management

All crews are equipped with electronic tablets to access job safety analyses, standard operating procedures, journey management plans, lift plans, energy control logs, and customer-specific policies. The access to live data provided by our electronic management tools provides a real-time picture of operations.

Careers with KBA

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